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My review and warning to newbie game developers.

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2023-11-14 10:18:13

I'm not going to repost anymore because okeoke has proven my point that this is a hostile forum

Lol, first of all it's me who is "hostile", not the forum. You fly-kick with two legs with your "review". Instead of contribute something, you're nagging about how it's hard to use the tool, without even figuring out how to use it properly. You were shown a course that can help you solve your problems, but instead, you start argue about necessity of it. Now someone has to fix the application for you so that you can use it more conveniently, since you read "can create games without programming" like "can create ANY game without programming".

where giving out sincere assessments/review of Coppercube's short comings will only get you labeled a troll and harassed by fanboy's

Or you could come to a help section with your exact issue, ask how to resolve it and get an answer. A lot of times people will code the solution for you completely for free.

2023-11-16 10:33:50

darinm1967 I think the main issue you're facing with latest blender fbx export is a common problem with all software pipelines. You'll see the same complaints with GameGuru, SF2, Unity, Unreal, Twinmotion, Godot etc.

All these issues can been addressed with a plugin for blender called "Better FBX Exprter and Importer". Without this plugin, I haven't found a single game-engine that was capable of supporting my library Filmbox 3D assets. Another solution is to us a converter to standardise all your assets - it's a huge undertaking though. I've converted all my audio and 3D assets using Goldwave and Automapki - both are batch processors which you can leave running overnight. I then threw all my assets into categorised folders on a harddrive.

"I feel your pain, I feel your shame - but you're not to blame." I also have 100's of Gigabytes of assets I've made/paid/ripped/collected over the years - most of which I will never use. I have thousands of retro-games on an arcade-machine-cabinet I made that I will never play either, lol. I guess we're digital-horders.

As for audio,CopperCubes sound engine seems to support a lot more formats than other engines: it currently supports wav, mp3, ogg, xn, mod, s3m and it. It's pretty much rock solid but occasionally it can't play certain mod or xn files (with hundreds of samples) or wav files with 8 stereo layers (for example) but that's true for other engines too.

Yes, coppercube does need some updating in terms of the built-in behaviours and API features, but I think when you compare like-for-like, Coppercube is very rich in features and definitely can be used to make games without coding. You'd still need to put the work in to make a polished, professional game - but that's true of any game engine. All game-engines have their own list of short commings and problems - it's all about finding the best one for your personal workflow.

I think the perceived hostility in the forum has probably stemmed from your initial post being a complaint, veiled as a "review" - even the title of your post seems passive-aggressive. Had your first post been a request for help, you would almost have definitely been greeted with welcome and support. It is generally a friendly forum but we're all human - some of us are prone to outbursts but we're also usually quick to apologise when we cross the line.

The problem with GamesFromScratch channel is that he's done tonnes of "quick tutorials" to whet people's appetite - but he only ever scratches the surface. As soon as you encountered a frustration with your 3D assets - you took to the keyboard to rant rather than ask the community for support - or even search for the answers (many of which have been addressed several times before).

I agree that the perfect software doesn't yet exist and it does get extremely frustrating at times when you have an idea that you just can't put into being. I would say that Coppercube's claims are perfectly valid. You can use it to make games with no coding. Why are there not more examples of games made with coppercube? - that's a good question - I really wish it was a lot more popular.

I hope you give the forum and the engine the time it deserves but while you're developing your 3D/Game-Engine skills, take a look at MIT's Blockly - it's probably the only true non-code game-engine out there - unfortunately it wont support your thousands of 3D assets though and the API doesn't have many pre-built behaviours - but I suppose that's part of the creative fun - otherwise you may as well just mod Skyrim or FarCry textures and sound packs.

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