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2D images to 3D low-poly models - quick and simple

Registered User
2023-10-31 15:30:30

Here's a simple guide to make quick 3D assets in Coppercube, by creating a 2D plane and using built-in polygon tool - entire process takes just a few seconds to make each 3D asset.

Tiny poly-count and tiny file-size, automatic texturing and normals calculation, dynamic lighting. You can then attach the assets to a characters animated joints....

Here I make a Round Shield and Plate Armour as an example....

You can control the poly-count directly by choosing the "Tile Count" when you create the 2D plane. You can create detailed meshes using this method with a higher tile-count. You can also split triangles afterwards (using the polygon tool) - to add extra polygons to specific areas of a mesh.

I'll be using this method to create many assets for my Low-Poly Coppercube Character project - things like armour, shields, helmets, masks etc.

Registered User
2023-10-31 16:11:35

Good idea. I did something similar before but not the same, using the flat model, and then editing it, the map in the screenshot below was made like this, I also think the cube should be more configurable like the flat.

And I also used another technique, I made an asphalt using the 2D map to room mesh. Don't be impressed by the confusion, it was just tests I was doing.

The brown part is the flat with several polygons like yours. The green/gray part and the asphalt are the 2D map to mesh.


2023-10-31 16:38:40

Your map test looks really good. Nice idea using the room editor for roads/buildings!

Yeah, pretty much the same method/technique. For the cubes though, you can select the triangles using the Polygon editor (Ctrl to select/deselect individual triangles, Shift to select/deselect multiples), then select "Tool>Split Triangles" to subdivide it and add extra polygons to the mesh for better editing.

You can also animate the materials with png sequences (to add traffic-lights, water falls, flashing neon signs, traffic/pedestrians from a distance etc - pretty much any movement detail you like) without maxing out the topology by adding moving meshes.

Have a quick play with the old PSX "Driver 2" map, it has some really nice/clever ideas for city geometry - I really ike the way it encloses the player in "room corridors" without destroying the feeling of it being a large open-space city.....

Registered User
2023-10-31 17:43:16

The size of this Driver 2 map is impressive, a friend of mine completed the game on my computer via an emulator years ago. I was going to download the map but I couldn't even register, I'm not worried about that either...

Do you want to see another game which has a lot of different buildings and even better asphalt/roads ? Rush 2 from N64, skip to 1 minute and 20 seconds:

I think these guys developed some tool to create the roads, and the general textures are also good, it's impressive. If they were smarter at that time, they would have made a commercial game engine project and made some good money.

Anyway, I think that big maps like this will be a problem in CC because you it will generate some high poly colliders.

Registered User
2023-11-05 13:06:09

I love Nintendo 64 games! Rush is a great game, we can see a lot of techniques the developers used to create this game! It can inspire us to develop!

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