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Model Creator, another good free tool with UV mapping.

Registered User
2023-10-29 05:44:38

Another tool for making low poly models, Model Creator was made for creating and exporting 3D models to Game Maker, but it has support for exporting to .obj as well.

Modeling is not that easy like in Sketchup, but is good enough, and have UV mapping.

Link :

This app was made with Game Maker, from what I know, I think that with some modifications it would be better or more organized, I still think it would be good for CopperCube to have a few more features aimed at software creation, like menus e better buttons behaviours, who knows, a similar software could be created in CC.

Registered User
2023-10-30 16:48:53

Thanks for the link and suggestion john123, it helps a lot in developing!

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