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Is it possible to have both static light (lightmap) and dynamic light for an object?

2023-10-23 22:15:38

Is it possible to have both static light (lightmap) and dynamic light for an object? How?

Registered User
2023-10-24 06:42:22

No, can't. Coppercube will not allow it neither any other engine. Ah, I think that dynamic and static lightning is same. It's just that dynamic changes in realtime with surroundings for example if you walk over to an object then it will change its shadow position. But static lightning doesn't changes. So why do you want to apply both?

2023-10-24 09:56:12

Thankful. But the light quality of Lightmap is much higher. And it is more realistic. You can do this comparison in the Coppercube example files and compare the quality

2023-10-26 08:33:03

Pretty sure this plugin allows you to do that...

Support for Normal Maps
Support for Specular Maps
Support for Ambient Occlusion Maps
Support for Emmisive Maps
Controllable Normal Map strength
Controllable Specular gloss
Controllable Specular strength
Auto-grab light nodes from the scene
Ambient color
Diffuse color
Specular color
Individual Light intensity (attenuation)
Individual Light color
Toggle to turn off specularity
Work with both animated and static 3D object
Uses the default point light data for light color and strength
Now supports Fog
Now supports Flashlight with controllable properties.
Auto-apply to all the 3D objects including billboards and particle systems in the scene.
Auto-grab the default material type.
Vertex Color support
Support 10 lights at a time
Fog works with Normal maps
Normal maps work with transparency
And many other limitations of CopperCube's inbuilt lighting have been lifted up.

2023-10-26 10:55:23

Thank you, and does it include shadow (static and dynamic at same time)? Or only include lights?

Registered User
2023-10-26 12:52:23

You're welcome Alireza. ..As ultradarkbeast said, you can't set an object to use both lighting methods at the same time but I think you can achieve the effect you're asking for, even without any plugins, by adding 2 light-sources to the scene, then setting different objects to use the 2 different lighting techniques separately.....

Are you simply trying to achieve dynamically lit scene (with real-time shadows) and some models with normal-mapped static lighting, at the same time?....If so, you can simply add a dynamic light and a static light to the scene, then use realtime-shadows and set dynamic lights to "cast shadow" and objects to "occlude light" and you can then add normal-maps (or parallax-maps) to create detailed shadows on the textures.

All this can be in the same scene at the same time, using default coppercube lighting, without the plugin I mentioned earlier. You can also change the colour of the dynamic lighting to control brightness of the light, set radius to control static lights and you can set vertex colours to add colour emissions to the objects by enabling "irrlicht" settings - if you use white as a colour, this can be used as a general brightness/colourize setting.


Scene has a dynamic-light and a static-light. Larger cube is using static-lighting (normal-mapped), smaller cube is using dynamic-lighting, both cube's are casting shadows onto the plane-mesh, using dynamic-lighting (real-time shadows).

If it sounds confusing, check this video above and this demo ccb file I made using default coppercube lighting vp_Dynamic Light, Casting Shadows with Normal Maps.ccb
456 kB

Basically, I just placed the static-light's radius to be in roughly the same position as the dynamic-light's direction to give the illusion of a single light-source.

Does it do what you wanted, or do you want something different? You can also set the lights form "point", "spot" or "dynamic", using the "irrlight" settings menu (enabled in coppercube settings).

Static-lighting also allows you to "calculate" and bake the static-lighting and normals (coppercube makes new lighting textures), then you can completely remove the lightsource from the scene (to save processing power andmake complex scene shadows).

Sorry if I've misunderstood what you're asking for....Robbo and Just_in_case have spent a lot of time with the lighting scripts recently, so they can give more detailed information about their shader plugins.

2023-10-27 01:38:13

Thank you for the complete explanation.
I will use your suggested solution. They seem like interesting ideas

Registered User
2023-10-28 11:08:47

@veganpete I didn't know that this plugins existed. It would be helpful.

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