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How do I create deeper Parallax Mapping?

Registered User
2023-10-09 22:37:37

See, I was impressed to learn that CopperCube supports Parallax Mapping, but this quickly disappointed, as I noticed that there was almost no sensation of depth, I tested several different textures and heightmaps and normalmaps, I also compared two different meshes, one with Parallax and other just Normalmap, the result it's practically the same.

I saw that Irrlitch has supported Parallax Mapping since 2005 I think, I was impressed with this, even before CryEngine, but I wanted to achieve something similar to that example screenshot in the post about Irrlitch, but I couldn't.

Could anyone tell how to make good looking Parallax Mapping and post examples with photos on CopperCube ?

2023-10-23 06:05:11

For Parallax mappinng you can also use the free parameter, "param1" to change the parallax a bit. Or you can create custom shader with parallax mapping by your own. CopperCube supports creating shaders as well.

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