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Registered User
2023-10-01 23:09:09

I will try to post every week, God willing, an update on my "Car Game" (temporary name).

Now with the 1972 Ford F100 Pickup, the other one was a Ford Thunderbird 66, my meshes have a maximum of 200 polygons, that is, they are super low poly, the next additions will be the Ford Econoline 1972, Ford F-500 Truck 1972. There will be many more vehicles, not just Ford.

About plants in general, I changed my mind, before I was going to use billboards, now I'm going to make meshes of them too, if in Body Harvest 64 they were meshes, in mine they should be too.

Screenshot of the latest update:


Registered User
2023-10-08 23:10:47

Updated again, you can driving around only, I made the camera without a fixed rotation so its possible to see the collisions, car list :

Ford Thunderbird 1966
Ford F100 1972
Ford F150 Lightning 2021
Ford F500 1972
Ford Transit 1972
Alfa Romeo Carabo 1968
Bizzarrini Manta 1968

Screenshots :




Gameplay video :

Download :

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