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How to use editorImportAnimated3DMesh or editorImportAnimated3DMesh?

any guy
2023-09-24 17:10:48

How to use editorImportAnimated3DMesh or editorImportAnimated3DMesh?

2023-09-25 04:37:20

Open the scripting window, by going in View > show scripting window

and paste this code in there
 var filename = 
editorGetFileNameFromDialog("please select a mesh file to import");


click the execute button and it will open the dialogue box to select the animated mesh.

You can also use the code in a Coppercube plugin and it will do the same thing.

It makes not much sense, if you are not dealing with batch importing or plugins, as CopperCube already has buttons for importing 3D models either animated or static.

Also this command only works in the editor and not in the final exe.

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