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Steam engines used list

Registered User
2023-09-20 14:44:04

Hi guys, I found this list in the Steam:

Here show a list of all game engines used to develop the games that's they sell there!

But in the list, there is no one game develop in Coppercube,but I know there are some games made in Coppercube there!

We should to do a list of this games and advice Steam to update this list!

Long life for Coppercube engine!

2023-09-25 04:17:58

I already tried doing that on many platforms but they don't care about this.

I have submitted request of adding CopperCube as a game engine list 2 - 3 times to but they didn't added CC to their game engine list yet. While there have been lot of games that ranks first on their website and are created with CopperCube game engine.

"The Smiling Man - Remake" is currently ranking number 1 on their website, but they don't care about adding CopperCube game engine.

I have been doing this since a long time, whenever I see a list of game engines and all. I try to text them and ask them to add CC in their list. But almost 99/100 times they don't listen to the request.

I think CopperCube needs more exposure, and I beleive one day there will be people talking about this engine with big hopes and joy.

Registered User
2023-09-25 04:53:57

This will only be achieved if more features, better shaders and better behaviors are implemented by default, because anyone who wants to use programming already has several other engines that are better than CC, not just Unity and Unreal, as you can see in the list. As I've already said, CC is the easiest of them all, but it quickly falls flat on its face due to its limitations and slow development. I doubt this will change, things will continue as they are.

Registered User
2023-09-25 16:09:34

I understand, Just_in_case, that's a shame :(
Well, I'm going to charge them too, I'm going to put pressure on them to recognize it, but I feel a very good feeling about Coppercube, I believe that the tendency is for it to improve more and more and become better known!

Yes john123, but despite the engine's slow development, it is evolving and for the role it proposes, it does very well! Anyone who doesn't use Coppercube doesn't know what they're missing, because I see, for example, countless games developed in Unity with very simple graphics that could be made perfectly in Coppercube 10 times faster! I will continue fighting for the notoriety of this beautiful tool!

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