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game i made with coppercube bricked someones PC

Registered User
2023-09-19 05:26:04

guys i did something absolutely weird i made a fp "horror" game for a commision and sent it to the guy, a few days later someone blamed me from steam about i "put" malware on games,he told me his is bricked first i thought it would be happened because how windows defender detects exe files as virus meaninglessly...

here is the screenshot i cant show game its not loaded on page but if you contact me from discord,i can show, Nimble._1

thanks... you can see it on profile comments

2023-09-19 16:13:46

Upload it to

Or did you mean, somebody took your game, altered it, then release it somewhere, and now ppl complain about that altered version?

Well you should add a copyright notice, so you can arrange deletion of copies.

There are fishy ppl, servers, admins and jams out there. I gave a 2D jumpnrun game in html5 to a certain webserver for their games section. On the game runs smoothly (in my old eyes anyway) with 30 or more frames. On the guys server, it runs with like 7 fps.

Might be just a crypto miner he added, but he certainly messed with the code and published it under my name.

You can also add a disclaimer to your webpage, saying that people should DL your game only from HERE, and in any case check anything first for malware, eg. by using (tho, I guess that's limited to 100MB files)

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