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Max terrain size in CC6?

Registered User
2023-09-18 22:27:33

Hi, people, I tried recently CC6 and although I just followed tut. from YT, it made me very optimistic about my future as a game dev.
I'm not into open world games, so my goal is to create game with separate levels; I am curious about optimal size of that levels (If I understand things correctly, every level should be separate terrain.).

2023-09-19 15:44:00

There may be a max size (in number of segments or triangles) for the built in "create terrain".

In any case, this also depends on your preferred target platform. If you want it to be playable in webGL too, you should keep the polycount low, so you have got some speed reserve for the rest of the game, especially the animated NPCs.

Generally, you should try to keep your level geometry in as few meshes as possible. For example 100 trees that are one single mesh, and all the trees use the same texture / material, will render much faster than 100 individual tree meshes.

There is a function to collapse multiple meshes into a single one.

For instance in my terrain demo, I use a lot of grass. As there are about 120'000 triangles in the grass only, I collapse all the grass into 4 big grass patches. This helps the rendering speed tremendously.

That said, I don't use the internal CC terrain or its grass, but got my own terrain tools, so I then load everything as meshes. Which allows me to have comparably more control over the terrain and its vegetation.

And yes, divide the game up in various scenes, then use ccbSwitchToScene to switch between individual scenes / levels.

Registered User
2023-09-19 23:01:37

Thank you for detailed response!

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