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List of tools I use:

Registered User
2023-09-16 01:45:51

Textures : GIMP, Inkscape.
3D Graphics : Sketchup 8, Lithunwrap and UV Mapper Classic (for UV).
Audio : Audacity.

See the screenshot of a game I've been making, just for fun :

Registered User
2023-09-16 23:34:29

Good tools, essential for the game developement!

Good screenshoot!

Share with us a demo to play when you can!

2023-09-17 21:11:42

Indeed, good list.
I guess Blender is a must have, not for modelling :) but to convert certain animated models, such as from

which are for free and extremely hi-Q, so it's worth to go through a blender survival trip.
Further suggestions, as mentioned, Maplet and Decorator. Fancy Terrain Generator, and Blitz3D to write litte utilities. Fragmotion, CharacterFX, Pacemaker, ffmpeg to convert sounds, audacity, goldwave or olive video editor to trim sounds.

For textures I use Artweaver, a photoshop clone, but also paintdotnet that has some DXT export.

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