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My CopperCube review so far.

Registered User
2023-09-16 01:23:01

Hi everyone, so this is my CC review so far, with pros and cons and what I think should change or be implemented.


- It is an extremely easy tool to create and edit.
- Very good file format support. You can even use it as a 3D model converter.
- Old-school style, the exported .exe is very small, simple, portable and lightweight.


- Low performance if there are many objects on the screen.
- Very basic and limited functionalities.
- Capabilities falls flat pretty fast because of the "behaviours/events" simplicity/limitations.
- Problems with the interface.
- Bugs.
- CC development and improvements looks to be very slow, looks the same as the version 3 to 4 that I used long ago.

What I think should be implemented or improved:

- Although I like the CC shaders, especially the "Solid fake reflective" one because it has an old school PSX/N64 looking and feel, I believe that the shader should be unified, I'm not talking about PBR which is very modern/advanced, I'm talking about a single shader that has all the current CC functions but unified and be more configurable, and not only that, but adding shader texture/graphic modes such as "nearest, interpolated, bilinear, cubic" by material/shader, LOD such as "trilinear, anisotropic", etc.

- The interface does not save the tool positions, so if you change the position of the windows/dialog boxes tools, the next time you start CC, they will be back to the default.

- SceneGraphExplorer (SGE) is very bad, the drag and drop within it is limited, if you add too many files, you will have problems moving nodes within SGE, try to move a node in SGE, the scroll bar will not move, and you will have to place one node inside another that you don't want, and then inside another and another one and go up until you get to where you want.

- You can't change multiple objects/meshes texture/materials/shaders at same time, and this is a headache if you have a lot of the same objects.

- Although "Solid fake reflective" is my favorite shader/material mode, it seems to have a bug, where the "reflection" suddenly changes position. Also, a second camera seems buggy, this happens when trying to change camera, I tried to create a type of GTA game where your character enter a vehicle, and when changing the camera, the new/second camera appears in a very distant place or positioned wrongly, different from a tutorial I saw on the Internet, although I did everything similarly, it seems to be a bug that was introduced in this latest version.

- Better and improved UV Map tool, so you don't need to rely on external tools (I use LithUnwrap and UV Mapper Classic), and need at least Planar, Box, Cilinder, Sphere, and YXZ directions, and you could move and position and scale individual vertices/points triangles, etc. Fragmotion have a very simple but very good one UV Mapping tool, as example.

- Each behavior and event be in script form instead of being "hardcoded" in the engine like the default ones, so it can be attached to a prefab when you create one prefab, Unity do that, I think.

- More behaviours and events scripts by default, and each one need more features, the default ones are excessive basic/weak/limited, nearly killing the user friendly approach.

Note : Someone here can say, oh... there's already a script or project that does this or that thing you're talking about, etc... or you can use Unity, Godot or another tool, etc... that's not what I'm asking for, I'm talking about more features coming as default, without the need for addenda, and Im not a programmer, I dont know how to code and I dont want too, I like CC simplicity and feel.

2023-09-16 01:32:56

!!! Go CopperCube !!!


Registered User
2023-09-16 01:37:00

I intend to post an example game that I'm making, just for fun, I intend to share the models and textures, maybe someone here will help me with scripts (for free). It's like a Body Harvest from the N64, a precursor to GTA. I chose CopperCube because it is easy to use and results in similar graphics.

Here a screenshot:

2023-09-17 20:16:07

That house most certainly violates construction laws... that's why I don't drive.

Besides, what scripts do you need?

Also, instead of dragging a node over a long SGE - in 20 steps ^^, which admittedly sucks, I now rather hit ctrl-c to add a clone to the end of the list, and then delete the original.

However, I agree, the SGE lacks of organizational basics, like to simply move a node to an other position on the main node level.
Or maybe I'm just too stupid.

You gotta take CC for what it is. The user-made addons are integral part of it. It's got some no-coding tools, and when you play with them long enough, you can come up with quite impressive stuff. Other than that, it's a scriptable multi platform engine that may not surpass the graphic abilities of UE5, but can compete with most other free engines out there.

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