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Still in love with Maplet

2023-09-14 10:42:26

The old constructive solid geometry modeler by Blitz3D maker Mark Sibly. Even if it's a lightweight tool, and the GUI sometimes has its sucking moments, I still love to design "everything that's walls" of a level world in it. I then use Decorator that allows to walk through the mesh and comfortably paint the walls by more or less shooting at them.

Maplet seems very limited in functionality at first glance, but once you realize some of the finesse, quite decent architecture can be realized. Esp. with the copy custom tool, that I used here for the columns.


So this I still need to texture, but I got some nice egypt textures ready, with normalmaps for the hieroglyphs etc.
That's actually why I made this model in the first place.
If anybody wants to try the free tools, I got them on my, as a bundle.

If anybody is interested:

It should be said tho, that these meshes have a kind of retro wolfenstein touch, esp. when made with simple rooms and corridors only, which is extremly fast, where, if you want to make a ton of details, the tool may be be less practical than other modelers.

Also, both tools come with a manual or readme. Keep these open as they contain vital information, like certain hotkeys.

Registered User
2023-09-16 01:43:14

I tested it and didn't like it, but I understand the appeal and maybe someone will like it, I prefer Sketchup 8, the old one, more scripts to export to .obj.

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