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Camera/Photo System

Registered User
2023-08-06 23:14:28

Hello, i need some help

i am making a game where the character has a camera. i have made the camera ui and controls and everything. the only thing i need now is for the camera to actually be functionable. i want the player to be able to take pictures ingame with this camera, and for the pictures to be saved for later use (in this case the player will deliver the pictures in return for ingame money/points)

thank you for help in advance!

2023-08-07 10:14:09

Hi, humbly check the coppercube documentation, it has a javascript function for taking screen shots and utilise to your wants

Registered User
2023-08-09 16:38:31

yes, i found that out, thanks.

but it only saves one image, and overwrites it every time o take a new pic ingame. anybody have a way of making it save multiple photos

2023-08-09 20:16:41

You need to change the name of the photo each time you take a screenshot or it will just overwrite the first one. Ex: photo1.png, photo2.png, etc.

Registered User
2023-08-09 20:43:07

you can create a variable and add(+) 1 to it every time a screenshot is taken.
If the variable equals 1 then you can use the JS and name the screenshot as photo1
(If A Variable Has a Value Do Something)

If the variable equals 2 then you can name the screenshot as photo2

and so on....

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