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Forum Etiquette - Plz read before posting!

2023-06-17 15:10:18

Here are a few pointers (stolen from the Ogre forum rules). Although these rules are primarily aimed at absolute beginners, they also apply to experienced users.

Always search the forum and the Google before posting. You should also familiarise yourself with the API and Manual. It is better to use Google to search like this "Camera shake" this will give you better results.

Summarise the topic accurately in the headline. For example "HELP!!" is not a valid headline, nor is "What is going on?". A good headline might read "How to render transparent materials order independently?".

Do your homework first. Investigate your problem by experimenting with variations, looking at logs, and using your debugger. Problem solving is a learned skill, you have to DO it to become self sufficient. We're happy to help but expect some effort from you too.

Post just the pertinent details and explain what you've tried and what you've looked at already. Don't just post your entire codebase, say "it doesn't work!" and expect people to sort it out for you.

Be succinct. State the problem, the symptoms, the investigation in a structured and easy to read form. Blocks of rambling text will just get you ignored.

Post in proper English. If English isn't your first language, we'll cut you some slack, but there is no excuse for native English speakers to post contraction-filled, badly punctuated, grammatically random posts. This isn't a text message, people, and continually using contractions like 'U' and 'ur', and interspersing every second sentence with 'lol' will lead me to stop caring what you have to say in short order.

Don't 'bump' threads unless you have something more to add. If you didn't get a response the first time, it's likely that you didn't provide enough information, or people thought you hadn't done enough work of your own to justify a response. Or, they just might not have known the answer.

No political discussions, especially not in technical threads. If you really need to discuss those things, keep it inside Off-topic (Open Discussion). No Religious discussions, it will get removed no matter where you post it.

No AI generateted Code. Don't post AI generated code and ask questions about it, why it is not working for you? It is better if you ask the same AI who generated it.

Post in relevant forum channel. Try to post your querry to relevant forum section(channel). For example It is not a good practice to ask for help in "Anouncement and Showcase" channel, rather post in "Help with CopperCube" channel.

No spam or 'I like this' replies. While it might look obvious, this is necessary due to the excessive abuse of forums through spam-bots. Also prevent yourself from opening unnecessary or duplicated threads. We are often removing postings which are more or less clearly spam replies. Just don't let your posts look like typical spam post such that it won't be deleted.

Yeah, I know this thread might get buried deep in forums over time. Wish if there is an option to pin threads. I just hope people will respect these forum rules.

2024-03-31 08:41:24

No promotion of irrelevant products. Users are prohibited from promoting game engines, products, or services that are unrelated to the primary focus of this forum.

Threads, posts, or comments solely intended for advertising purposes will be considered spam and promptly removed.

Any attempt to solicit users' attention towards non-relevant game engines or products will result in disciplinary action, including warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans at the discretion of the moderation team.

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