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RCD file opens with only a single page - panic!

Registered User
2023-06-01 14:13:05

I have serious problems with my registered 5.1 package.

Somehow the project is corrupt. When doubleclicking on the RCD file it opens, with only one of the many pages I made.
I've put more than a week work in this project creating many pages and I cannot believe it's gone.

Even stranger, I have a backup from the 31rd of May, when everything was still running fine (using 5.01 free version).
I can open this file, but once again I see only one page. The list of pages in the left portion of the screen is invisible.

How do I get my website back, with all pages?

Regards, Gerrit

Registered User
2023-06-01 14:18:45

Update: I found the setting that shows the documents again on the left.

Glad I found this. This was scary!

Regards, Gerrit

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