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SFTP upload to webserver does not start

Registered User
2023-05-26 12:26:44


I'm using SFTP for uploads like this (with login + password).


The first time I want to upload I have to click on the Skip button once or twice to get going. When I try again afterwards, the upload works directly.

The actual upload is 100% OK, I just cannot understand what is keeping it from starting directly. I sometimes use WinSCP too for uploads and I don't have the problem there.

Regards, Gerrit

Registered User
2023-05-26 13:43:35

Works for me, maybe you have some very large files which take a bit? If you think this is a bug, you can send your .rcd file to support and they will check it out.

Registered User
2023-05-28 10:57:19

Hi Erik,

Strange, I can wait forever and in the end I allways get a timeout screen. If I press Skip once or twice the first time it will publish some files. If I run SFTP again (within a few seconds) all files are published.

I’ve become used to this behavior, but obviously something is not 100% right. I will continue monitoring this until I perhaps find a patern in this.

Regards, Gerrit

Registered User
2023-05-28 11:22:33

try ftp instead of sftp. Mostly the secure transfer is done automatically

Registered User
2023-05-29 13:51:29

Personally I've not had good success with the built in FTP on RocketCake. What I've done instead is to always publish the website locally, and then use "SyncBack Pro" to syncronise that folder via SFTP to my webspace instead. That has a couple of quirks that I see as advantages, and one big drawback...

I can see exactly how the site is structured when it resides on my host.
It's much faster to publish locally and then continue using RocketCake, and let SyncBack kick in automatically and upload in the background without any interaction from me.
I can easily modify any HTML or PHP or whatever on the website and see that it's all in one place. I have added an RSS.XML to one of my sites, and can easily dip in with a text editor to update it locally and just know that it will be pushed to the FTP in a couple minutes automatically.

RocketCake republishes EVERYTHING when you publish locally, unlike the FTP option to only publish updated files. This means SyncBack generally uploads the entire site no matter how small the change. For large sites like my blog, this is pretty onerous and literally takes hours. By changing the masterpage used by hundreds of other pages, I have to reupload hundreds of pages. And RocketCake also republishes hundreds of pictures too that all must be reuploaded.
I've tried to overcome this by making smaller sync jobs in Syncback to only publish the rc_images folder on demand, and to publish newer pages first, so at least I can see the changes I've made more quickly, and let the older portions of my site upload more slowly.

Anyway, just thought I'd share my workflow in case anyone finds it useful.


Registered User
2023-05-29 22:09:15

Hi Bupp,

Unfortunately FTP is no option for my webhosting company. Theyt only allow SFTP. I noticed today that WinSCP is having some problems with the first connection using SFTP.

Once I kill the first login trial the second login works and transfers are OK.

It’s weird and I will ask my webhoster about this later this week.

Regards, Gerrit

Registered User
2023-05-30 15:00:40

Update: I had contact with my hosting company and they moved my website to another platform, with a slightly different account setting.

I updated my settings and all is OK now!

Regards, Gerrit

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