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Bug in excluding packages?
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Registered User
2010-06-22 17:12:58

Hi, I use the obfuscation option with an as3 project (so obfuscation of the source files). I exclude package A and include package B. In package A there is a class C1. with getter function F1. In package B there is a class C2, also with getter function F1. All ocurrences of C1.F1 should not be obfuscated now, but are obfuscated.

Anyone any ideas whether this is a known bug?



2010-06-23 09:40:55

yes, this can happen when irrfuscator is not able to decide the correct
behavior, since ActionScript 3 is a completely dynamic language. You can simply add this function name to the list of functions to ignore, or, if you are using the professional version of irrFuscator, simple write comment directlives around the function

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