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Tales of Misty Lands: Cetetorius - good game.

Registered User
2023-04-21 21:27:16

I found this game - Tales of Misty Lands: Cetetorius - made in copper cube I don't know if it's still in development but I liked it.
download link -
I want to report a bug to the developer but his itech got a comment almost a year ago so I hope he sees this.

When I'm playing, the player seems to float at times and even leaves the ground, otherwise it has low FPS to play but I believe it could be smoother.


Registered User
2023-04-22 13:08:54


Hello! I'm the developer of this game. Thank you for your feedback :)

About bug - our game uses many physical objects and this is really makes low fps sometimes. Also, we tested this on integrated graphics of Intel Core i7-11700k, we have a good fps, but not stable.

For now, development of this game was frozen, because i don't have much time for this hard project for now. I'm develope this project sometime, but my main project is - "Endless Nightshift".

Also, you can check previous games of this franchise - "Cetetorius - Classic" and "Cetetorius", it's an old games, but this was my student project

Registered User
2023-04-22 18:32:29

@rolevix, I liked the game, your design is good.

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