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Strategic Defense game

Registered User
2023-04-13 14:57:00


A planet with 195 Countries which interact with each other - each one has its own City-battles and First-Person missions. Will you maintain World-peace or strive for total domination and a New World Order?

3 modes of play: Watch the World from afar and intercept radio broadcasts. Hack systems to hijack military hardware to prevent (or instigate) global missile strikes, city skirmishes and first-person espionage, diplomacy and sabotage missions.

Based on the fascinating true-story of Gary McKinnon....

A systems analyst, working from home on a 56kb MODEM,
uses default-passwords to hack Global Military networks and
search for secret UFO technology.
Remaining undetected for over a year, many Top-Secret files and photos were viewed and downloaded.
Stored-Password access to the US Nuclear weapons systems allowed their operating systems to be deleted, shutting them all down.
This is "The World's largest ever Military hack"; will World-Peace (or Total Destruction) be attained, or will they finally catch you?
Only you can decide!... You are SOLO.

-Global-View features:[b/]
Basic HUD info (displays Country)
All 195 Country flags and names
Pan & Zoom Camera
Detailed 3D Earth
Sunlight Cycle
Normal-Mapped lighting
Enemy Fighter-Planes
Enemy Stealth-Bombers
Enemy Spy-Planes
Enemy Satellites
Enemy Cruise Missiles
Ham Radio Broadcast
Voice-acted events
Intro Music (will probably be changed in future version)
Target Identifier
Target Lock
Target Cancel
Player Guided-Missile
Animated 3D explosion

-City-View features:
Satellite image terrains
Automatic camera orbit
Random (position-based) enemy placement
Random (time-based) combat events
HUD with event-notification messages
Fighter-jet with after-burner
Homemade "Cobra" Helicopter model
Homemade "Griffin" tank model
Homemade "Maverick" and "Paveway" models
Homemade animated fire/flames/smoke/explosions
Animated bomb-blast and shock-wave effects
3D "Cobra" mini-gun muzzle-flash
Rockets-fire from alternating sides of copter
Fighter-jet drops "Paveway" bombs
Helicopter fire mini-gun and rockets
Tank fires munitions
Realistic sounds (Vehicles/Munitions/Explosions/Air-raid sirens)
Player's Flak-cannon shoots down fighter-jets
Player's seeker-missiles shoot down Copters and Tanks
Realistic (mouse-controlled) target-finder
Missile Lock-on with tracking
City-damage counter

-FPS mission features:
Geometry for 195 first-person missions
Opening/Closing doors with door-frame
Animated textures (waterfall, water-surfaces, clouds)
Calculated (baked) light-mapping for indoor scenes
Homemade seamless textures for indoor buildings
Active security-cameras follow player
Metallic gun body
3D "Hospital Door" with separate glass texture
Added sounds for footsteps and doors
Photographic textures ad decorations
Animated Enemy model with basic A.i. (disabled for now)

Game-Play (Planet view): Rotate the planet through 360 degrees to view all 195 Countries. Country names are announced (with flags) as you hover over them. Locate the Stealth-bomber, fighter-plane, spy-plane, cruise-missile, satellite and lock-on to them. Zoom in/out with mouse-wheel. [b]Controls: [Mouse Move]= Rotate Planet, [Mouse-wheel]= Zoom camera, [Left Mouse Button]= Fire, [Right Mouse Button]= Cancel Target

Game-Play (City view): Hover over the city and target enemy tanks/helicopters and Jets by moving the mouse-reticule on them until the circle tracks into the square. When locked-on, left mouse-button will launch missile. Fighter Jets will randomly bomb the city - shoot them down with your cannon. [b]Controls: [Mouse]= Position target-finder,

Registered User
2023-04-13 18:14:33

Looks very cool as all your projects.

Registered User
2023-04-13 23:50:30

Amazing VP!!!

Registered User
2023-04-14 13:29:54

That's cool and different from other games.
Are you using a heightmap for the glob or is it just a plane texture? It also would be cool to see a more drastic lighting effect, like it's a day on one side of the glob, and night on the other, and it slowly shifts.

2023-04-14 22:56:33

Thanks guys. Glad you like it so far.Yes, it's using a normal map for the globe details. I thought exactly the same about the day/night cycle - it does already have dynamic lighting which rotates to simulate sunlight - I decided to push the ambient light up, to make the effect less dramatic - as you couldn't really see anything in the dark areas.

I originally had a dramatic night/day effect with a much deeper normal map, so the shadows were a lot more obvious - the new Normal Map looked a lot better (with detailed mountains etc) but I tweaked it to the current subtle version because the deeper normal map introduced seams which I couldn't get rid of - I hope to change it back again in the future if I can solve the edge-seam issue on the deeper normal map. I've tried several normal map tools and they all produce the same problem - I think it's probably a case of adding padding around the edges of the UV map (using a 3D editor) but I'm not sure how to do it. I guess as a last resort, I could try a different Earth/globe model.

I'll probably change the intro music, I don't think it suits the game properly.

Thanks everyone - ideas and feedback are much appreciated as always.

2023-04-14 23:49:52

Improved the normal map as best I can and also tweaked the static lighting. Not complete dark/light cycle but a bit better than before - the complete darkness doesn't look very good and it also makes the light areas too dark - so I think I've got it as good as I can for now. Added Kenya as a Country too. Missile can be launched with Left Mouse and guided by pointer. There is a bug I need to fix with the billboard graphics disappearing as the globe rotates (probably grass mode may work).

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