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Px0915 - Zombie shooter

Registered User
2023-04-02 18:21:53

Some years ago we stop developing our project "Px0915". First person shooter with waves of zombies, shop with many weapons and skins, many maps to play etc.

But for now, i'm setting $1 price on our page. If you support our team and donate some money - we will continue development of this game, cause we love this project, but absolutely don't have free time to make something without earn.

Game page -

TODO list:
- Move on new version of CopperCube
- Online / Multiplayer features
- New animations
- New features
- Better graphics and effects
- Improve maps
- New weapons
- New AI
- New physics
- Fix bugs

Registered User
2023-04-03 15:30:05

Very good project!

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