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For Coa

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2023-03-26 13:09:46

Hello, COA. Here are some things I have always wanted to say to you:
1 year ago, I just joined cc's forum, and I saw your Orc (now renamed AI Shooter). I thought it was great. At that time, my work only had sigma, and all the materials in it were brought by cc, and they were poorly made. I was eager to see fps games developed by other developers using cc (I didn't know itch at the time). "Orc is the first fps I saw developed using cc, and I'm very excited.". I feel like I've met a big shot, and the unsolved questions I've encountered during the development of Sigma can be answered. After settling for several months, my second work was my first imitation of the old school game - Mist. The technology from sigma to Mist has made visible progress. There is no shortage of your answers to my questions in the ORC comments section. I am very grateful to you.
But coa, I don't think many of your games are really of high quality. You often say, "I like this game.". But what about players? Today's game market has tens of millions of games. "They won't give favorable reviews because you like your game, they just think it's not fun.". Then browse for other games. Your game is just one of thousands of games for players. And I've found that your game output is the most frequent among cc developers, with a game being released in weeks or even days. Presumably, you have also found out why only you or andgameplay have left a few comments on your recent game posts. The posts of other people's works are very lively. That's why. Each of us developers was a player before. There may be thousands of differences between our thoughts and those of the players. However, we all have one thing in common: each of us has a playmaker's heart. So I haven't talked to you as long before as I do now. Until I found out that you changed almost all of your games to paid games... I was surprised: I think your game is still very good for a proper relaxation. But listing them as fees... and almost all of them... I don't know if you need some financial help in reality. But you - as a game developer, you need to be clear: once you charge for the game, it means that your game is complete enough, and the quality can already be charged. But will players buy it? can't! Money is also player's money! Do you think they will easily pay for a product? can't! You should also have experienced that retro cube racing game that you only downloaded from and gameplay. How does the screenshot of the game look? It's great. But did you buy it? No, If you can't do it, how can you expect players to do it?
Coa, I think you should be a very good developer: able to 3D modeling, programming, sound production, texture production, and so on. Your game has its own style. Very distinctive. I hope you can devote a long time to making a complete game with your heart. Instead of paying for works that few people have played like those posted in the past few days. I think your skills are better than mine. If you put your heart and spend time playing a game, it will be better than me! Looking forward to your reply

Registered User
2023-03-26 13:12:05

Correct a mistake?the heart of a gamer

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