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FBX does not work

2023-03-25 23:50:55

FBX does not work in Coppercube for some reason and yes i have exported the models into older versions of maya. I have both current Maya 2023 file version and Maya 2010 version. Both cause model to lose all shape.

I am using Maya so it shouldn't be a problem with the model or program. No errors to report either, testing it out on FBX viewer and Microsoft paint 3D confirms this. Only coppercube can not export the maya fbx file correctly. This should be fix.

Registered User
2023-03-27 01:33:07

When you have a problem, find a work-around, until the original problem is solved.

In this case, I would try using Blender to import the Maya .fbx and then export it to .fbx in Blender. I know Blender's .fbx file format is compatible, because I'm using it for my game.

Assuming different prgrams create slightly different versions of .fbx. I assumed there was a universal standard for .fbx, so an .fbx file from any program would work. But that may not be the case, so it seems.

Sure, my wolf character blows up into a massive GIANT upon import into CopperCube 6.6, but that's why we have the scale function!

2023-03-27 06:42:28

@mayaguy, just like suggested by @luposian it is best to re-export the fbx file from blender. There are other converters like autodesk fbx converter and all available but the best option is to use blender to re-export the fbx file.

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