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A.I. generated backgrounds (microtutorial)

Registered User
2023-03-22 12:24:59



Hi all! Here’s a very simple way to create panoramic AI-generated backgrounds for your games.

Basically you have to replace the SKYBOX with a SPHERE, which you’ll have to scale up so it makes up for a decent sky. In order to be able to see the sphere’s texture from the inside, you’ll have to open the IrrEdit/Irrlictch properties window (from the upper menu VIEW) and untick BACKFACE CULLING in the MATERIALS tab.

There’s several AI tools that create HDRI-like images (not real hdri, just the panoramic effect). I’m using one Skybox by BlockadeLabs (link below) which is of course free and you don’t even have to sign in or anything. It’s very easy: just “prompt” a description, choose a style, and clic GENERATE. You can download it straightaway: a “.jgif” file or something similar, but works as a “.jpg” for all intents.

Then just import the image to your textures in CC and apply it to the sky sphere – and that’s that!

Registered User
2023-03-23 00:04:03

Exactly the kind of creativity you need when using coppercube. Nice one!

2023-03-23 08:18:55

There's also a stable diffusion plugin for blender, to automatically create materials, UV maps and texture-painted projections using A.i.

You can use text-prompts or texture painting to influence how it paints for you.

I think it needs a 4GB graphics card (maybe it can use CPU too?), and setup/usage is a little bit complex - but looks promising....

Registered User
2023-03-23 10:37:22

Thank you for sharing @angstloch, this seems really useful to me.

@VP regarding stable diffusion, I haven't tried it for blender, but if you want to run it on your local PC I suggest as a standalone application. It's pretty easy to install, and it's the only repository which works with 2/4GB gpus (with --lowvram flag). The original implementation of SD actually requires 10GB GPU:)

You can also run it on cpu, but single 512x512 image takes around 10 minutes to generate on i7 6700hq. Even with 940mx with 2Gb of ddr3 vram it takes 3 minutes.

Also if you're interested in trying stable diffusion you might try running it on google collab:

Registered User
2023-10-28 05:41:27

I love that! Do you have a copy of the futuristic background?

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