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Best Way To Back Up Game Files & Project?

Registered User
2023-03-18 02:53:19

Looking for best practices on backing up my Coppercube and its files. Very simple question with most likely a very simple answer. Obviously I'll be using a 2 TB external hard drive and a couple of other mediums, have that part down. My questions pertain to the files themselves and how Coppercube interacts and stores them

Is saving the Coppercube project enough to back it up entirely, or will I also need to back up every external 3D object, texture, song and so forth?

For example: If I, say, delete a .jpg texture off of my desktop that was loaded into Coppercube, will the .jpg file still be loaded into the Coppercube after the source/original file has been deleted? Does Coppercube register files to its systems via a pathway or is that data stored internally?

Any other tips and pointers will be helpful in making sure I back up my project properly. Thanks!

2023-03-18 07:43:51

It's best to keep your project in a single folder and never remove anything from it that is used inside the engine. Moving a sound file can break the path to it and cause issues. CC will unload unused textures so you have to make empty nodes to hold the textures if you want to keep them inside the engine without having to ship a texture folder with your game. If you use the single folder then you can just zip the file and store it in another folder with a date or version number or whatnot. Might be worth considering your folder structure before you get too far ahead into your project. Basically it's easier to add another folder than it is to rename one.

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