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A few questions

2023-03-18 02:28:07


I have several questions.

Writing with google translator

I am working on Cuppercube 6.3 32 bit.

I'm making a game about tanks.

1) How to make it so that the tank leans when it rides on an inclined surface?
2) How to make the rate of fire?
3) How to do something on a 2d plane, you could put a model of a rotating tank (needed for a menu where it can be selected)?
4) How to make the model change depending on the variable? I need to be able to select a tank in the menu and play, moreover, so that the model changes when entering the battle and in the menu.
5) I want to make a pageable catalog of looks, guns and hulls. How to automate the creation of cells?
6) How to make all the conditions for assembling a tank in 1 place? For example, a sheet and conditions for how characteristics change. Instead of filling a million dialog boxes.
7) I want to copy the scene. How to do it?
8) I want to copy objects and move them to another scene, but Ctrl+C copies the objects directly to the existing scene. And how can these objects be transferred to another scene?
9)How to create a minimap?
10) How to make a chat in a single game? (yes, I know it's useless, but I need an online game simulation)
As far as I know, you need to write the text, press Enter, the text is transferred to another place, after the comments are added below, and the old comments become higher and disappear.
11) How to add a progress bar so that it fills itself?
12) How to add gun spread?
13) How to make it so that when it hits there was an explosion on the tank?
14) Is it possible not to open dialog boxes for objects separately, but to display them all in 2D? To be able to change them without opening?
15) Can the engine be used as a 3D model editor? Is it possible to paint individual faces of objects with textures? Or select a few faces and unwrap the textures?
16) How to make gun ballistics?
17) How to make something after the death of the tank jump as if from a blow?
18) How to make a hit from hitting a random side?
19) How to do something if the tank gets up at an angle, thanks to the recoil, it could climb onto an inclined surface?
20) How can I make the camera fly gradually and not immediately when flying to a new spawn location after the death of the tank?
21) How to make the generation of enemies (spawner)?

2023-03-18 07:40:41

Allright, I don't know if it is a troll post or not, but I would like to answer all of your questions.

Also, for most of your questions, if you do a simple search on ambiera forums, you will get an answer for it. Also there can be multiple ways of achieving something in CC. The answers I am sharing below are more focussed on NON-Coding stuff, while some of the things do require coding.

As the answers might not fit into a single post, multiple posts will get created by me

1) There is an option in the Collide when moved behavior to enable inclination, might not work perfectly but it does its job.

2) you can use every few seconds behavior and on-click event together with a variable, for example. When the left mouse button is pressed down set a variable "Fire" to true, and every few seconds behavior checks for that variable if "Fire: is true then attach a shoot action to it. You can increase or decrease the TimeMS in the every few seconds behavior to control the rate of fire, and along with that you can add a single bullet firing on the key left up, and set the "fire" to false, so that if you press the key for a short amount of time and then release it and your every few seconds behaviors has high time for the firing rate, then it should at least shoot one bullet.

3) You can simply put any texture on a 2D plane, if you want then yeah, you can simply assign the tank texture to a plane mesh and can also make its material into a double-sided material, which you can also rotate, or if you want you can also put a real 3D model of a tank in the UI. for the rotation, you can use the Rotate behavior.

4) It depends on how you are setting your game, if you are using multiple scene, then you can use the save and load variable to disk, to load variables in all the scene, there are also various other ways for global variables, if you want you can totally avoid CC variables and can use pure javascript variables as variables and do your stuff on the basis of those variables. As I mentioned my approach is to provide you inbuilt behaviors and non-coded solution. So you can use the inbuilt set/change variable action to create, change, and save variables to disk, you can further load them. You can create variables for example "Player_Tank" and can assign it a value initially like "red", and on selecting a different value in the UI for example on clicking a button change the value of the variable "Player_Tank" to somethin like "blue", and in your main game you can check if the variable has a value "Player_Tank" and check it with all the values that you want for your Tank for example"blue" and then assign the desired action to it for example change texture of the Tank, and so on.

2023-03-18 07:57:52

5) To automate the creation of cells, you need to do scripting, and TBH, it will not be an easy task to provide you script for your desired functionality as it varies from dev to dev how he implements his game and all. but you can also get the help of copper cube variables, to help you in some sort of manual pagination.

6) I believe you are talking about actions when you say dialogue boxes, you can only skip creating multiple actions if you know scripting in javascript and is familiar to CC's javascript API. Sadly there is no workaround for non-coders to this.

7) You can create a Coppercube prefab out of a complete scene, simply go to file>export> save file as Coppercube Prefab (.ccp) and then you can save that .ccp file to your prefabs directory and then restart the editor, after restarting you will be able to see the prefab in the prefabs window, you can then import it in an empty scene, by double-clicking it. I also have a video of some tips and tricks of Coppercube in which I show how to copy or export scenes. The video is in the English language let me know if you are interested and I will post a YouTube link here.

8) Just like the scene, you can create prefabs for your objects as well, and can then import them in Coppercube, simply remove everything else from a scene except the object that you want to keep and then export the scene as coppercube prefab, and load it like I have told you to load coppercube scene prefabs.

9) Ther are multiple ways to do this, you can get many custom minimap scripts on the forum and on other third party website. The one that comes to my mind right now is of @sven's minimap script. you can download it from here.

10) To create a basic chat system you need to deal with scripting part, as it deals with multiplayer thing. Also there are many examples of multiplayer scripts each one also differs from each other and the method varies from developer to devleoper, I would suggest you to get a basic demo example from @rolevix, he had created a nice multiplayer chat system in one of his demo.

2023-03-18 08:14:10

11) There are again many ways of creating healthbars/progressbars you can either scale the 2D overlays, based on the variables for the progress, or you can use extensions by other developers like @smnMhmdy, @hadoken and there are other examples in the community as well. I left that job to you to search for those examples.

12) You can create multiple-shoot actions, with less damage and can make them shoot in different directions.

13) there is an option in the shoot action that you can use, it is called the action on impact, in order to use that action you need to make sure that you are using a scene node as a bullet and are not using a direct hit. In that action, you can clone a scene node that has explosion animation at the position relative to the bullet scene node that you have p[rovided to the action.

14) Again, I don't know what do you mean by dialogues here, if you mean actions then the answer will be same as the point 6.

15) Yes, the engine can be used as a partial (basic0 3D editor it allows you basic mesh manipulation, and yes it allows you to paint individual faces with different textures. You can of to polygon editing tools for that and then select UV option and then simply select the triangles or faces of your object you can select multiple faces as well and then simply double-click the texture in the texture panel window to apply on it.

16)For that you need a very good logic building with the help of variables and various combinations of behaviors and actions, it would be much easier with scripting but as @VP has created some really good projectiles/ballistic in his game, you can consider asking him.

17)You can use the action on death, and can use the physics simulation, and can use a physics velocity on the tank so that it can be simulated as if it jumps in the air, or you can use a death animation for the tank.

2023-03-18 08:27:47

18) You can use proximity behaviors for you tank to check hit from any side, if the bullet is in the proximity of the tank, just count it as hit and give damage to the tank.

19)Totally unable to understand this question, do you want to make the tank goes backward, or want a recoil system or inclined movement.

20)You can use third person camera, with camera smoothing, you can change the value of camera smoothing to fly the camera to the new spawn location of the tank gradually.

21) You mean to say enemy waves, you can simply create a point or area from where you can simply clone your AI/enemy at desired event. Either on time based or variable based genartion, or at specific events.

Hope that answers all of your question, There is on advice here, please do try to do things before asking that many questions. if you are stuck at some point then only ask a question. I can understand that you don't want to waste your time, and want to know if the game you have in your mind is possible to create or not, but it's always better to learn basic things first. it seems that you don't even know about many of the inbuilt behaviors, I can also understand that it is hard to learn in a different language.but still i want to encourage you to learn the basics of the engine try to look for videos on Youtube for coppercube in your native language maybe you can get some tutorial videos in you language, for example there are many Russians and Portuguese youtube videos for Coppercube.

hope that bit of info helps

2023-03-19 01:08:21

When exporting, the program breaks (

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