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ShaderEditor for android GLSL

2023-03-17 19:44:25

Not mine, found it here and thought it may be interesting / helpfull to some of us.

Shader Editor
Create and edit GLSL shaders

Create and edit GLSL shaders on your Android phone or tablet and use them as
live wallpaper.


* Live preview in background or on an extra screen
* Syntax highlighting
* Error highlighting
* FPS display
* Use any shader as live wallpaper
* Exposure of hardware sensors
* Support for wallpaper offset
* Exposure of battery level
* Supports multiple touches
* Previous rendered frame in backbuffer texture
* Import and use arbitrary textures
* Disables rendering when battery is low

2023-03-17 20:23:54

Thanks for sharing @DouweDabbe, A shader wallpaper is great.

I personally use to get ideas or learn something from this website called shader toys, it works in mobile browsers too. Also when we are talking about GLSL, most of them will work with CC as well, if one knows even the basic of shader usage in CC.

Also, the shader toy has some shaders based on Sound, microphone, and other stuff.

I am definitely going to try the shader editor that you have shared on my phone to have live wallpapers

2023-03-18 10:23:48

tutorial on how to use with CC6

2023-03-19 12:19:57

No that much sample files on the shader editor for mobile. I would like to understand shaders myself a bit, so yeah a tutorial to get started with CC will be great.

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