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Materials/Textures on CopperCube

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2023-03-17 18:02:56

I downloaded some 3d models online from turbosquid which have different textures like BaseColor, Roughness, Metallic, Emissive but I noticed that when I import the 3d model to CopperCube and I try to import the textures only the first texture I select actually imports, the others don't reflect on the 3d model. Now, I went to Irrlicht properties to try and add the textures to the 3 other texture slots there but still I didn't notice any change in the 3d model. Is there any way to add all the different textures in CopperCube or I'll have to do it in another software like blender and import it back to CopperCube.

2023-03-17 21:09:45

Coppercube, as for now doesn't have PBR materials or other complex materials support directly. So you can't really use those textures directly in CC. It only allows you to have "Normal Maps" as an extra textures in it's inbuilt materials.

but there are custom shaders and materials, that allow you to do that. I have a fake (I mean not fake) but very basic PBR shader that uses all those textures, like Normal Maps, Roughness/Glossiness, Metallic/Specular, Ambient Maps, Environment maps, BaseColor/Diffuse maps.
along with the lighting methods.

It allows you to give more details to your 3d models, and make them appear visually better than the normal rendering. here are some video examples of the shader samples in Coppercube that you can watch if you like with the PBR shader.
Noter:- these video examples are of at the time of development of this shader, so there are chances the code might have changed , so that they will look more better, but you will get a basic idea.

Shader test on Pokeball:-

Shader Test on Robot:-

Shader test on Shoe:-

Shader test on Spaceship:-

The shader is available to purchase from my page here, however, I never got a chance to make a usage tutorial video for it. After my exams, I will try to create one.

Also if you want to win some of my paid extensions for free, then you can participate in the ongoing GameJam by @diaboro, refer to this thread here.

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