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Help with physics sim. please

Registered User
2023-03-16 19:09:29

[SOLVED] I'm just starting a quick mini-game for a game-jam - I decided to try to use the physics simulation - but I'm not sure how to get it working properly.

here's what I have so far...

Basically, I want the ball to physically interact with the maze as it moves - but it's not very smooth and sometimes the ball moves through the maze walls instead.

Fixed it by decreasing the =//=smallcoldistance and using collide when moved (instead of moved by phsics engine)

*Game keys are "Left Arrow" and "Right Arrow" to turn the maze. Added a ball roll effect.

Thank you.

2023-03-16 21:17:29

Oh, it works if I use "collide when moved" on the SteelBall node, instead of using "object controlled by physics engine". Not perfect but at least it's a step in the right direction.

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