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Hadoken CopperCube Extensions 2023-02

Registered User
2023-02-26 11:07:20

Hi people,

thanks to all who have made it easier so far for me to work with CopperCube through their valuable contributions here in the community.

Now I might give something new back and since takes quite some time making projects visible in its own search function, I just would like to inform you here at the right place about my latest CopperCube extensions that hopefully could make your life a bit easier with CopperCube, too.

Sorry for having to offer these as paid ones for now, but overall I've invested pretty much time and effort for making them possible over the last months. Nevertheless I think their small fees for supporting my work are not overpriced compared to the benefit they can give. Thank you very much for your understanding.

I will hopefully also be able to continue supporting our CopperCube community with some more free contributions as I have already done before. So please feel free to check my new residence from time to time to find the newest additions:



Registered User
2023-02-27 17:03:34

Congrats Hadoken on getting these Extensions on your itch page. Do you have any youtube videos showing some CC usage of the extensions? I know you have the short gif animation, I think maybe a short video on how it could be used in CC would be great. What does the behaviors option box look like in terms of options. I wouldn't mind getting a few of these but would love to see more videos showing how they can benefit CC users in their game creation.

thanks,keep up the great work


Registered User
2023-02-27 18:07:03

Thanks for your feedback @creaturefreak, you're right, some video demonstration would be nice to have alongside the standard description pages.

I'm going to see if I can add some.

(You can also message me on for specific questions.)

Registered User
2023-02-28 18:28:33

congratulations hadoken!

It is excellent to the community and for Coppercube!

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