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3d mesh editor

2023-02-18 05:33:50


2023-02-19 14:33:32

Nice! It's actually quite a good little editor for making simple meshes - great for low poly models.

You can also use it to add extra verteces by splitting triangles, you can join separate meshes together and also directly adjust the scale rotation and position of the texture UV. Another interesting thing is being able to merge close points together (great for poly-reducing a model). After editing, the shading normals will be incorrect (smooth shading becomes jagged) - so I export the model from coppercube, weld the model (which recalculates the normals), then re-import to coppercube. Coppercube does have a "recalculate normals and tangents" feature. It does seem to do something - but it doesn't ever seems to fix the normal/shading for me.

Another thing you can do is to add vertex colours which can colour the model without textures - or adjust the brightness of a textured model if it's too dark. Just be wary, if you clone a model - for some reason, you can't give the clones different vertex colours than the original - but I think you can assign different textures to clones.

You can also use code to adjust the mesh points directly (so you could store all your model geometry in code - or animate it etc - but I don't know how to do that - but it would be great for procedural geometry or adding armour to a character etc).

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