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Anyone made a 2D maze game in CopperCube?

Registered User
2023-02-13 07:13:46

Something that plays like PacMan. I'd love to think you could make enemies move and react with only a few behavioral mouse clicks!

I know you can create rooms from a 2D overhead room designer. Haven't visited that aspect yet. If you made walls shorter (you can specify how tall/thick the walls are, right?), you could create a "maze" that way. However, wondering if there are any hedge (topiary) assets that could be used to make walls. I've gotta game idea I've sat on for several years, got the basic storyline and premise, but no easy way to implement it...

2023-02-13 09:35:23

You can make a 2D maze here:

You can convert it to a 3D asset here:

Import the stl to Coppercube, then adjust the height of the maze to suit.

Registered User
2023-02-16 19:57:38

I just did that and all I see in CopperCube are a bunch of white streaks and smears. Nothing resembling a maze at all. Frankly, I can't tell WHAT I'm looking at. Are there some parameters I should have set in the image to stl conversion process or the stl import, that weren't mentioned?

2023-02-16 22:11:44

@luposian, check this:


works great in newer blender versions...

2023-02-17 22:37:06

The stl export method I mentioned is just a quick way to get a 3D maze file. I've used it a few times in coppercube - if a 3D model wont work directly, simply open it in blender (or similar) and export it as an stl, fbx, dae or obj - same thing applies for any model you download - if it doesn't work properly, a quick open/export from blender can sometimes fix it.

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