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Template versus Masterpage

Registered User
2023-01-31 16:46:40

From a purely linguistic point of view not really a difference, but definitely a difference in the context of RocketCake. I have added this topic (and how to derive a masterpage from a RocketCake template) to my Tips & Tricks collection:

By the way, none of the RocketCake templates use a masterpage. New users could learn a lot about the use and implementation of masterpages if there were some templates with a masterpage.

An example (a rebuild of the "IT Solution Strategy" template) can be viewed here:
It uses a masterpage and has a scroll & stick navigation bar.

2023-02-01 07:36:31

Yes, that's intentional, since new users likely get confused by how master pages work in their templates. Thanks for posting that updated version!

Registered User
2023-02-01 12:48:18

I have made the "IT Solution Strategy v2" template availabe for download in RocketCake's .rct template file format:

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