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I can't understand CopperCube scripting system any more.

Registered User
2023-01-27 20:19:02

Hi, Can any one here make a YouTube video tutorial about scripting.

Robo (Saturn7) and just_in_case (Glitched Velocity) did it before but these videos was about an hour (too long) and wasn't well organized.
So I could not understand anything.

So please, can any one make a full tutorial explain everything (Like: global variables, relations between scripts, creating my own actions, etc)

2023-01-28 09:04:15

Well, I never created any video on scripting with Coppercube, yeah I did mentioned and told a bit in live streams but maybe it's a good idea to create a scripting tutorials for JS with basic knowldge of javascript and it's usage in CC.

But that too, can't be explained in short. So if you want to learn then you have to watch these videos, even if they are long. Otherwise you might skip something and might encounter a bug later or maybe your code won't work at all.

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