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Escape from Manhattan

Registered User
2023-01-25 21:44:23

A quick shooter I'm making (will integrate it to my Rebel County game).

"Escape from Manhattan"


Set in the city of Manhattan, NY- a dystopian future where society has collapsed. You are tasked with rescuing the terrified survivors. Use you helicopter to locate the remaining civilians. Get them to safety but avoid the Military tanks, choppers and soldiers who are hell-bent on regaining control of the city at any cost.


Made with the free version of Coppercube (no coding used). Based on a 3D scan from sketchfab. It's not finished yet, but you can have a bit of fun by searching the city for the 11 survivors and shooting down the enemy soldiers, helicopters, tanks and the Battleship.

Intro music and speech.
3D scanned city (manually cleaned using polygon editor).
Ship, tanks, soldiers and copters Ai will aim at the player.
Rescue civilians (fiendishly hidden around the map).
Helicopter will recoil whenever it bumps into buildings.
Homing-missile system attached to the ship.
Missile will destruct on contact with city or player.
Return to the helipad to power-up health and ammo.
Random shoot timings with 3D sound effects.
Rendered 2D sprite animations.
Target indicator for active enemies.
Remake of Portal's (GLaDOS) voice, for all system-events.
Animated building-collapse (not implemented yet).

*Note: I'm aware that there are still some stray geometry polygons and holes - sometimes the helicopter gets stuck or flies through the map. I'm fixing it.

*As usual, I also uploaded the ccb file in case it's useful to anyone else.

Registered User
2023-01-26 17:02:42

okay thanks

Registered User
2023-01-26 21:27:01

Excellent game VP! The map photo realistic is very good, give more immersion in the game!

I think it is a very fun arcade helicopter game, remember me the mechanics from the game Desert-strike, very good!

Thanks to share the ccb file!

2023-01-26 21:51:21

You're welcome. Yes, similar to Desert Strike and Z-Wolf :)
I loved Desert Strike and Nuclear Strike.

2023-01-27 12:51:41

I like flying that blue copter, but wish the shooting target of the helicopter could have been controlled with a mouse. Aiming at other enemies was hard. but I loved a lot flying in the city.

I believe these are stuff from your major game, and you are just testing them out before adding them to your main game. I can't wait to see the progress of your City game.

2023-01-27 18:43:38

Thanks! Yes, it's basically just the same as the main game but I made it all from scratch again (for practice), rather than importing it.

Some things here are made slightly differently to the main game, so I can export them because they are a little bit better. Main difference in this game is the addition of enemies in this one, and a voice system which I'm working on (similar to the piano I made) which means I can do complete dialogue just by triggering simple variables (still needs a bit of work). The scanned city looks great in my opinion but it's not as practical to use as the procedural city I made originally.

I'll try to add mouse input. I agree - aiming is not great at the moment in this one. Only issue I have with mouse-aiming (because I can't code), is that the camera will have to be 1st Person, directly above the helicopter, instead of 3rdPerson following. What I can do (as a workaround) is have an aim-button to toggle mouse aim on/off as it switches between cameras.

The main game (Rebel County) is still progressing, I can't wait for it to be up and running with all the basics - then I can just add levels and missions. Main issue at the moment is adding enemies - but I can now copy them from this Manhattan project and just add some animation and partolling.

2023-02-17 19:42:57

It's been quite a while, I was away for school that's why, to veganpete and all other generous givers of ccbs and actions and behaviours I can't express my gratitude for you all, keep on with the good work, an impending reward awaits you

2023-02-17 22:48:33

You're welcome Monks! Thank you.

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