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(Bug?) Additional CSS Style doesn't work in Content Pages

Registered User
2023-01-24 12:02:36

Hi Niko,

in RC Pro we have the ability to have Additional CSS Styles on each page. This works when used on a master page.

However if I put Additional CSS Style on a content page (i.e a page that is pasted by RC for the content placeholder in a master page) it will not be included in the published code (irrespective whether Extern CSS is used or not).

It does show up in the RC "HTML Code" window (with Extern CSS deselected) of the content page though, so I think your intention was to include it.

Registered User
2023-01-24 12:36:48

It's my experience, too, that if a page needs additional CSS style for whatever desired effect and is linked to a masterpage the additional CSS style must be inserted on the masterpage (as well). Otherwise the additional CSS won't work.

For example, this page needs additional CSS to enable the fading rollover, and it works only if I insert the additional CSS into its masterpage.
But so what. I think once you know it, it's no longer a problem

2023-01-25 07:08:47

Yes, additional CSS styles are overwritten from the master page.
If you want additional CSS styles on a page which uses a master page, you can still do it like this: Use "Additional Code in Header" instead and write this:

<style>your styles here</style>

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