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Free Autorigger

Registered User
2023-01-05 22:56:30

I'm a big fan of mixamo - here's a free autorigger from actorcore. Haven;t tried it yet but wanted to share this standalone rigger in case it isn't always available....


2023-01-06 11:30:12

Nice, thanks for sharing, I also got 3 models for free as well.

2023-01-06 14:20:20

Yes, it's a great rigger for free but unfortunately, almost all the animations are behind a paywall. I'll be sticking with mixamo for now.

All the Reallusion models and animations are very good to be fair - a lot better than mixamo imho - but they're around $3.99 each - not too bad, but not as good as free, lol.

It frustrates me a bit when you find something "free" but it turns out to be more of a marketing hub attached to an app.

I really should start collecting motion capture data from action and drama movies and make my own data library using plex (or similar) but mixamo is just so quick to use - I'm always afraid that one day it will just be gone.

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