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Retro FPS made with coppercube GOR3
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Registered User
2022-12-07 04:22:10

Hi I released a retro inspired abstract fps using coppercube on steam a few days ago!

Registered User
2022-12-07 05:58:41

looks very nice! but i dont use steam platform.. maybe release it also on just a suggestions.

Registered User
2022-12-10 04:33:47

Your game style is very unique, just like COA. I like to call this kind of thing...... Like. For example, coalike. The whole game maintains a strange tone. This style seems rare in the market, which just keeps players fresh. However, as a so-called "arena" game, weapons, enemy maps and mobile systems are the most important. It seems that there is only one weapon in the game. As for the effect of firing, what I don't understand is the ammunition fired - a white square with a butterfly in the middle. I don't know what this implies. It looks like a puff of smoke. And there is no sound effect. I think you can replace it with a spark or something. And I don't know whether it is my marksmanship or what the reason is. During the movement, the hit rate of the weapon is extremely low.

I hope there will be more weapons later in the game.


There are many enemies in the game, which is a highlight. For example, a winged skeleton will rush straight to the player. A soldier who can urinate. Unlike my MutantKiller, there is only one cow that will run towards the players......

I am not a developer who is good at making enemies. However, I strongly recommend watching this video to make the game's enemies more interesting.

I think the map design is pretty good, there is nothing to say.

Mobile system:

The jumping in the game is very stiff. And jump very high, which is enough to make players escape from the map. I think you can change the physics engine to "physics simulation" in the game settings (referring to CC), then reduce the jumping height of players (4 is recommended), and finally reduce the gravity (5 is recommended).


Players need to restart from the first level after death, which is really...... S-H-I-T.

The game is very easy to get a lot of health value from the sudden enemy. What's worse, there seems to be no health supplies in the game!

For arena games, I recommend this video:

In addition, I noticed that you seem to be the developer of The cancerous detector? The cancerous detector's mobile system and weapon system look very good. In addition, I want to know how the development progress of The cancerous detector is going. I really want to play this game!

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