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2022-12-04 05:20:36

Hello, everyone. Long time no see. This time, I updated my old game MutantKiller. Made a new cover. The game version is 1.3.4. I think this may be the last version of the game, who knows!

Update content:

Long lost updates:

1. Enhance the light and shadow effect of the transition animation

2. Enhance the light and shadow effect of the initial interface

3. Fixed the problem that the resolution of the game caused 2D mask confusion

4. Added support for MAC

Thank you for clicking and watching

In addition, I am developing a Doomlike game recently, which is inspired by Doom1's death contest and hunting shooter of andgameplay. At present, it is still not playable, but I will let him meet you as soon as possible. Please look forward to it!

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