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Character selection UI (paid)
Author Text

2022-11-12 09:46:31

Hi there, just uploaded my character selection UI project on

This is project is for javascript programmers only and doesn't target non-coder audiences.

The project comes with ripped assets from the original game and I don't own any rights to them neither I promote using them in your game.

However, one can easily modify the code (behavior) and can
create a Character Selection screen similar to Tekken for his/her fighting game genre.

The project contains high-resolution images and by default comes to run on 4K resolution settings.

there is already a video regarding the project on my Youtube channel that you can watch here:-

Note that the project contains the character selection only from the video and other level is not included. If you want the rest of the level then you can send me message on Discord or can comment to this thread.

Purchase the project from here:-

hope you guys like it

Edit:- As some of you guys are saying that I have been selling the textures from the Tekken game and hence violating the copyright of Namco's. I have decided to put this project into a restricted mode and will swap the textures with some Royalty free images. But those who guys are understanding thanks to those for understanding that I am not selling you the textures from Tekken 7, I am selling you the behavior for the character selection

Registered User
2022-11-12 17:37:10

Thanks for this neat demo - I've tested it and on *.exe publish it runs nice. How's about WebGL? Anychance I can get it running? I don't mind loosing one or two features; only focused on WebGL - Thanks J_i_C!

2022-11-12 21:53:43

Unfortunately it don't works on webGL platform. I will try to create a webGL version as well, and will probably update many of my extensions to support webGL. As many user seems to develop their games on webGL.

Edit:- it does work indeed for webgl as well, I forgot that I setup the game in Top-View mode and there is a bug in CC's webGL that it don't render anything if you have created the game in webGL mode. So in order to make the project work in webGL you might need to arrange the UI elements according to other camera mode like Left view mode or front viewmode.

you can try changing the rotation of the UI elements on the Z -axis by 90 degrees and then if you test the app in webGL then you will be able to see the elements and if you use the cursor keys to change the selection then it will work as well.

2022-11-13 08:15:31

The project has been in the restricted mode for now. I am extremely sorry if it infringes copyright issues of anybody. However I was not selling the assets, I was selling the code( behavior) for the character selection screen. Just for customer satisfaction. I will swap the texture with some Royalty free images and will then remove the restrictions from the download of this project.

Hope you guys understand that I am not reselling you the textures. It was the code that is used for the character selection.

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