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Stable Diffusion

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2022-10-19 08:51:04

Not sure if anyone is into making box-art, game-backgrounds, seamless-textures etc....


I just found a free-of-charge public web-version of the "Stable Diffusion" artificial-intelligence neural-networks user-interface.

Here's the link for the tool...

It's very quick and simple to make some great graphics for use with coppercube - create anything you want within a few seconds, simply by typing a brief description of the image you want.

Here's an album I made of 1500 images after using it for only 3 days...

I'll probably make either a point 'n' click adventure or an illustrated text adventure with some of these in CCB.

Hours of fun - very addictive!

2022-10-23 08:26:37

Thanks, some of these AI based tools are really amazing, I was baffled by the results Dall-E website's AI produces. and the Nvidia canvas app is another good example fo great photo manipulating AI. will try the link you shared soon. Thanks for sharing.:)

2022-10-23 14:57:17

You're welcome justincase ! The software in the link is dependent on a 4 GB GPU but it will run offline.

I only have a 3GB GPU so I found an even simpler web-UI for it that I use from github which runs on my laptop, mobile phone and an old second-hand tablet I bought.:

If you keep the image size to 512x512, it should usually render in less than 30 seconds.
When you find something you like, eg: try typing: "H R Giger stargate painting" and then click calculate...if youlike it, then just keep changing the seed with random letters and numbers - eg: "weforuhvi3rvfr3oubp", then "evherocvwiyvwc" etc - each one will produce a different image., rather than retyping the "text prompt".

I found some decent results using the following format: "famous artist name/short description using popular keyphrase/painnting-sketch-drawing-abstract"

"Savador Dhali Woman in Room Painting"

You can download as webp and then batch convert them to png and upscale them to 1024x1024, using xnresize (free software) or try an AI upscaler.

By the way, I haven't forgotten my promise to donate for all your previous support, I should be paid around the end of the month.

Here's a list of famous artists and their styles to get you started - it also gives and example of their art for quick reference.....

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