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Registered User
2022-10-18 14:49:49

i recommend cc users to make musical apps its very rewarding!

I really would like to see more musical apps made with CC.

2022-10-18 16:24:52

I also like musical apps, like the one with the great tutorial on this website Neophyte.

Wish if Coppercube has more features for sound playback like fadein fadeout, pause, pitch and other settings.

I know fadeout and fadein can be simulated with javascript and other visual scripting like decreasing the sound volume slowly to zero for fading out. and increasing sound volume from zero to desired value to create fadein effect, but it would be nice if we have those effects built in to the engine.

2022-10-18 18:35:47

Wish CopperCube could listen to mic input and do some pitch analytics, then maybe I could come up with some great musical teaching project ...

Registered User
2022-11-02 07:59:55

Gaming_Bot you can do morph/fade/attack/sustain/release all simply by changing the position of a 3D sound node. There are some other basic sound effects you can do too using 3D sound nodes (such as delay, echo, reverb, vibrato, and flanger) - not sure how to pitch-bend or pause a sample, but it can probably be done with some simple coding.

I also wish ccb had a few more audio capabilities (such as MIDI and SYSEX in/out) - I'd make tons of audio software if it did. I suspect that a lot can already be done with coppercube in terms of sound generation with fundamental waveforms such as sine, triangle and wave - with just small manipulations, you can get some amazing sounds. Additive/Subtractive synthesizers spring to mind - the VSTi equivalents are just a few bytes of code, packaged in a .dll and the principle behind most of them is very simple.

I'm certain coppercube's audioklang can do similar, with some digging - especially as s3d,it, xm and mod audio files are accepted - these audio files can have thousands of tracker/sound-shaping instructions coded into them (by a tracker DAW), and they are all successfully played back by Coppercubes sound engine - possibly special audio features are already there, just not readily accessible from the GUI but can be accessed with coding?

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