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About localization

2022-10-15 17:06:10

Hi guys! I've got a couple of questions about localization.

1. How can I localize a string for extension. I mean text that appears in menu "Scripted actions" and "Scripted behaviors" in the Properties -> Behavior tab.
The properties from any extension is localized perfectly if you write <str name="someprop">Blablabla</str>
But what about the description of extension that appears in the menu? Is there any way to do it?

2. Why some strings are not localized, though they are in the xml file? I think it's a bug.

I'm not posting full bug report because there are many strings and I'm not yet inspected Coppercube deeply. For example, most combobox buttons not localized though in the xml file they are.

2022-10-23 08:30:58

You can translate only those strings that are available in the language file in your Coppercube installation directory.
Custom extensions or plugins that you download from the internet should be translated and altered manually by editing the .js file

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