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Hardware or Software upgrade???

Registered User
2022-10-08 17:45:07

I have been in quarantine for some time and have some extra $$$ that I haven't been spending...About 220 to 250$.
What would do you guys reccomend, buying Shapeworks on Steam, Dungeon Painter Studio on Steam, and Pupa for Blender with all the mixamo animations, all three of which I am leaning towards vs upgrading my dell precision t3600 to a GTX 1660 ti from a Quadro 6000, and it's cpu from a e5-2680 v1 to a e5-1650 v2.
I have had a couple of bad experiences putting ddr3 ram in a Dell and Lenovo. But I have placed GPUs and SSDs/HDDs into systems just fine. Never switched out a CPU before.
BTW I also own a Dell Optiplex 7050 with i5 7500, 32 gb DDR4 and 512 GB NvMe. It's an SFF though, so it won't take much more than a
gt 1030 or a nvdia t400/600.
I prefer to get the software, lower gain, but less of a risk than losing one of my 2 systems. I don't if anyone has some input or feedback.

Registered User
2022-10-08 17:56:17

Additionally my Dell Precision t3600 has 64 gb ddr3 ram...No reason to upgrade that at all...

2022-10-08 20:13:30

I would recommend blender pupa animation pro addon, which is totally awesome, also making you independent from mixamo online service. With pupa the 3D rigging and animating process becomes so easy and saves you hours of tedious manual work...

Registered User
2022-10-08 22:22:17

Thats exactly what I was thinking too, I have a limited 4g hotspot for internet, so I would prefer to get Pupa for Blender because I keep having to go back every month and upload/download FBX characters. And that takes up data that I can't use to download some games/demos on steam and xbox game pass. I'd rather wait awhile and just get a new system within maybe about a year.

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