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Any Mac users running the current CC in a VM?
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Registered User
2022-09-05 03:35:12

Any Mac users using PlayOnMac, UTM, Porting Kit or something else to run the current Windows version of CC?

I used to run CC in Linux with WINE (on a Chromebook). It had graphical quirks, but worked.

Registered User
2022-09-09 20:11:54

I went ahead and tried CopperCube 6.5.1 with PlayOnMac 4.4.3 and no luck. Also tried CopperCube 6.3 (for Windows) on the same PlayOnMac version and no luck there either.

2022-09-09 20:34:14

If your Mac allows booting Linux from USB (live or live with persistent mode) than stick to it plus Wine. Then run CopperCube editor with OpenGL for reducing/eliminating glitches while published projects can still use Directx or OpenGL.

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