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Non-code to code

Registered User
2022-08-29 14:00:56

Can someone make/add a feature which parses non-code as java code?

EG: if you right click a node and select "show code", it will list the resulting java code for all the attached actions/behaviours, which can then be pasted into the "Execute Javascript" window for editing?

I know this sounds like a weird/big ask but if coppercube compiles the game anyway, maybe there is a way to parse individual parts of the code manually?

This would be a fantastic addition for 2 reasons:
1- It would help non-coders understand what's happening when the compiled actions/behaviours function.
2- It would allow a hybrid method of non-coders being able to tweak and improve on the resulting code of their non-code games.


2022-08-30 05:23:26

Regarding custom behaviors and actions, you can already access their source code from your Extensions directory. As inbuilt behaviors and actions are written in C++, it is not yet possible to extract them as javascript.

2022-08-30 08:12:20

Thanks - I meant the other way round though.... instead of editing other peoples custom action/behaviour scripts or wanting to know the built-in coppercube actions/behaviours - I want to see what my own custom non-code events are doing when they run as code.

Essentially, I want to be able to convert my own logic: from non-code to code - rather than converting someone elses code to non-code.

As it stands, there's no real way to view or edit non-code at all - other than opening hundreds of drop-downs in a tiny 3-line box with no notation/comments....

Someone suggested using obsidian to copy everything as plain text - great idea - but it's proving to be a huge task just to mirror my game in plain text. Even then, I'm no closer to understanding what's happening when it runs and it's crating much more work to keep the obsidian file updated with the hundreds of changes and additions I make through each day.

Basically, unless you make a tiny project - coppercubes visual coding is self-defeating and problematic - because it's practically impossible to keep track of what's going on. I'm just looking for a practical solution to this recurring problem with the non-coding side of coppercube. I know most people use code so I fear it's going to remain a long-term problem which will be overlooked and misunderstood.

Obviously coppercube is great and highly capable without this feature - maybe I'm expecting too much from it and should just resign to the fact that it's not really meant as a visual coding tool.

Registered User
2022-08-31 03:43:12

It would be very cool, It would help a lot us to understand how the actions and behaviors works, great idea!

2022-08-31 05:35:35

Well, I am not sure but I think we might figure out something about this, or make visual scripting a bit better.

2022-08-31 07:58:12

Thank you! That would be really fantastic - even a few small changes would be a great help - really appreciate this if anything can be done.

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