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Quick/Easy animated Snake/Worm effect...

Registered User
2022-08-12 15:35:56

Whilst making a collision detector for my helicopter, I noticed that "Shoot" every??ms can make a nice (albeit very basic) oldschool (c1985) snake/worm effect...


This kind of effect was popular in "Space Harrier" style games...

To make it work, have an object (3D or Billboard) as the head - even animated 3D model or 2D animated texture/billboard - then shoot the body segments (billboard bullet) from the head. Adjust the shoot distance to define the snake length and adjust the every_few_seconds to refine the smoothness of the movement (distance between the body segments).

You can add a tail segment as the end of the snake by every few seconds- move tail billboard relative (0,0,0) to "last bullet impact".

Add a game behaviour "random patrol" to the head and boom - instant, rubbish-looking snake that crawls around your map/level.

A bit naff but it's good for very low-resource animation and game-elements/characters. I'll be throwing a few of these in my game, small snakes in the grass and desert. lol.

To make a 3D Nokia "snake" game, simply extend the shoot distance every time a fruit/mushroom/person billboard is collected/eaten, with an "on proximity" event attached to the head.

2022-08-12 15:45:17

@sven and @just_in_case has also creates snake game and now you, that's great, by the way shoot action can be used to create a lot of stuff, imo.

Registered User
2022-08-12 15:53:17

Great idea Aiming_Bullets- I'd love to make a snake game, maybe just a simple, quick project after I've made the "Rebel Country Demo".

I saw this on itchio - "Snake Hotel", not played it but the video looks great - I don't think it's a @Sven or @JustInCase or @CCB game....

Yes, absolutely the shoot (every few seconds) seems to be a very versatile function. I mainly use for missile-guiding and vehicle collision detection - very quick and accurate,easy to control and just_in_case says its very resource efficient -the video above is using shoot every 1ms and it doesn't seem to slow the game at all.

Registered User
2022-08-13 02:32:21

This technique is very interesting! Thanks for teaching us how to do this VP, this mechanic is useful for a multitude of games! "Rebel County is coming!"

2022-08-13 02:48:34

yeah, Shooting a bullet is something realy handy in alot of stuff like collision detection, creating trails, and there are a lot of weaopin type that can be created with it.
As I am also using a custom shoot mechanism in my top-down 2D shooter extension, I realised it more and more how many weapon types one can create with it and how useful shooting can be in many aspects of collision dtection.

Registered User
2022-11-02 08:22:59

That's true! Thanks just_in_case- it would actually look great for a flame-thrower effect (using either animated billboards or particles). I'll try to add one to my game.

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