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GUI - node selection bug

Registered User
2022-08-09 07:59:37

Any way to fix this bug please?

Whenever (almost always) I select a node in the scene graph explorer, it highlights the node in blue but it's not actually selected the node.

EG: If I have a scene with a cube and a camera (see image), when I click on the "cube" node, it highlights in blue but the camera node is still selected.

This causes major problems - say I want to delete the cube from the scene but instead it deletes the camera. Or even worse, I go into the node, add loads of actions and then wonder why it doesn't work properly - it's added the actions to the camera instead etc. etc.

The only workaround is to hammer the left mouse button multiple times (just to be sure), instead of single-clicking - or to click it once to highlight the node in blue, then press up cursor (previous node) then down cursor - and it will select the node I want and update the scene with the new selection.

I don't think my mouse is at fault because when I click, the cursor immediately selects the node-name in blue - just the scene doesn't reflect the selection.

Similar problem.... sometimes it selects a node in dark grey (instead of blue) and then the same thing happens.


In the image here, I had clicked the cube (and it highlighted in blue) but any changes were applied to the camera (as though the camera was selected instead of the cube - see the behaviour panel still says "camera", even though the cube is selected - and the gimble is still attached to the camera, instead of the cube). For me this happens almost every time I click a node from the scenegraph explorer. If I click a node in the 3D scene, it works perfectly - but on a larger scene with many nodes, it's more practical to use the scene-graph explorer list.


Registered User
2022-08-09 12:19:33

I've noticed this a lot recently too, it feels like it's gotten worse but it's probably because my project differs a lot from my earlier attempts
but yeah I've added actions and behaviours to the wrong item a few times

2022-08-09 15:20:42

yup, this bug is sometimes very annoying, happened a lot with me when I was creating the Tekken 7 Character selection screen, Hope @niko will fix it in future updates.

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