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first attempt... characters

Registered User
2022-08-02 18:53:01

Although I've been messing with game engines for maybe 24 years I rarely have characters most of my attempts had Poser or Daz figures or badly drawn, so I tend to do abandoned buildings in a first person view.. know ur limits lol

So here are my first attempts, the Fall Guys, guy is based on a Blender tutorial but I used Wings3D, the Dizzy character is my second attempt, again Wings
currently Dizzy has some dodgy animation I did with Blender, I may do a concept game in CC

2022-08-03 07:35:16

Yay! Nice one. Great models. A coppercube remake of Dizzy would be really cool... Fantastic Adventures, Prince of the Yolk-Folk, Magic_Land etc.

I also think Coppercube is also perfect for re-making isometric ZX Spectrum games such as Head Over Heels, Sweevo's World and Knightlore.

Because the graphics were pixel-art, you can quickly re-create them as 3D models using voxel modeling software (3D pixels), from a simple screenshot reference of the original game - using something like magica-voxel, then export it as obj and animate in mixamo/blender etc.

If you're just getting into making models, give voxel-art a go, if you've not tried already, you may prefer it to polygon modeling.....

Registered User
2022-08-03 13:16:10

There is a Dizzy game engine called Dizzyage with the original Speccie style graphics.. one of the many engines I've tried lol
it's very good but I'm not sure if it's still active there is some nice fan games
There has been 3D Dizzy games but not very good, I want to try and have it 2.5D with a similar feel, I don't think Dizzy works well in a open world.

I'm going to do Dizzy with the floating feet and hands like what he had in the 2D games, it might be easier for me to animate

I was looking at voxel modelling a few weeks ago.

The old Castle Master game on the Amstrad was what got me interested in 3D then Truespace as a modeller on the Amiga...
oh that's a point, I could rig in Truespace, I may have a look for it, 3,2 is out there and version 7

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