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Sexism in Coppercube

2022-07-30 11:20:54

In Coppercube there are only men to play with ,
such as that boring dork of a clerk,
he looks more like a mainframe programmer to me.

And then there is a zomby and a soldier and
a speedrunner and a dwarf. Thats about it.

Where are the wimen, Elves, Trolls and witches for god sake.

sorry its a bit of a rand here but
I saw an opening for a joke.

2022-07-30 11:43:54

There is a woman as a billboard prefab....????????

2022-07-30 12:02:53

what a degrading and misogynistic statement

all the men have 3d meshes and quite complex ones with animations while this girl you reference is yust a poor billboar a mere ornament with no movement or animations.

pure discrimination me thinks

2022-07-30 13:30:31

Agreed. In my game I plan to have both male and female characters (playable and non-playable) and different races and animals. I think it's probably impossible to include everything but I definitely don't want it to feel noticeably excluding. Eventually, I plan to have a character editor so the player can customise their race/gender/clothing/toolkit/weapon loadout.

The reason my characters are all male at the moment (in the demo) is because I need to modify the character mesh slightly before I can finish making all the female textures but in the end, it will hopefully be around a 50/50 balance - it just depends how many male/female faces I got form the scan site (I downloaded everything I could from them).

When it's finished, I'll release it as a free asset to the community - it's a single character with a highly optimised, very low-poly mesh (with smoothing) and hundreds of built-in mixamo-animations (male and female) and will have hundreds of low-res costumes and faces of differing gender and race which all map to the same mesh. It's taking a while to make the clothing textures but everything else is already finished and tested in coppercube.

Registered User
2022-07-31 14:24:30

Also, what would really be cool would be an animal/creature configurator. Like quadrupeds and spiders and birds and different animals. I have not found a good example of one the web. If anyone has any suggestions or advice or knows of any way to easily create custom creatures, I would like to hear about it. Other than that, I was thinking of trying to create one myself, but I don't know programming much other than modifying existing JS code.
Really cool that you're doing a human creator though, it will make things a lot easier:)

2022-07-31 14:49:34

this may help a bit in texturizing faces:


Faceworx is a nifty tool to easily and quickly create a 3D head out of two 2D photos, one front shot and one side shot. Both images are loaded into the software, reference lines are placed around the details of the face to adapt the generic head model to the shape of the head on the input photos. The learning curve is shallow - you will understand the tool in minutes, however don't expect miracles: Hair shape is not covered and the output 3D head in OBJ format will not be biometrically correct.

I am not very good at using this tool but you can give it a try.
it produces somewhat lowpoly obj heads

I ment this post as a joke but got some serious answers

2022-07-31 14:57:38

I suspect that the clerk figure secretly is a impersonation of Niko. ;-)

Without making it to personal.
Maybe he can put the rest of the family in there as well.
That would create possibilities for all sorts of jokes.

Tamachochi game:
Feed the child,
oh you do it wrong ...
screen full of dirt.
start over.
along those lines, etc

2022-07-31 15:23:09

Yes! A quadruped/animal animator/configurator would be great - I heard that mixamo used to do animal but it doesn't have that feature anymore.

The face mapper is great tool, I'll give it a try - I have an old version of "face-gen" which does a similar thing with photos and slider-variables but their low-poly mesh is still fairly high-poly. I'll give it a try. At the moment, I'm just pasting the head textures directly onto a very low-oply model - looks decent enough so far, all the faces are done - shoes, arms and hands are very easy too, The clothing is a bit of a nightmare though..taking a long time to make each one.

2022-07-31 17:04:05

@VP texturing clothing

maybe it helps to watch how these second-life youtubers it do with blender and gimp.

there is also such a thing as position painting where you
position the 3d model under a small 2d panel that carries a
image of 'for example': a pouch you want on a coat
then the projection of that pouch is rendered onto the 3d model
and fixxed into its texture.

difficult to do it right with a multitude of steps but when
mastered a great way of making nicely textured models.


2022-07-31 17:09:18

Speaking of textures, ShaderMap is also a great tool to bake and convert shaders, I will say it is a must have tool for game developer. Super useful.

2022-08-01 17:30:05

I use custom prefabs and they are mostly female and creatures, I prefer fantasy and medieval things in my projects, coppercube is not just racist against women, it also doesn't provide fantasy creatures and animals, how discriminitive it is.

but I prefer it as it is, not to mention there is a minotaur available on prefabs section on the website. atleast one fantasy creature thanks to @jaimezegpi for those prefabs.

2022-08-04 19:19:29

I looked into the Second Life texturing tutorials - looks like they use a software called "DeepPaint" it's very hard to find (discontinued) - I did find an old version on Internet Archive but it wouldn't install.

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